Last updated: 07/03/2016


Opportunities always exist at Adventure Aberdeen to fund, or co-fund, partnership projects that improve the lives of people across Aberdeen. So far, partnership working with corporate sponsors has allowed several unique projects to occur which otherwise would not have been possible.

One key example is that EnQuest recently co-funded the purchase of 24 primary school mountain bikes. EnQuest's funding was matched by schools and other agencies whose contribution was also sought and organised by Adventure Aberdeen. The resulting bike fleet has been ridden by primary school children all over the city. The quality of the bikes has meant that technical singletrack mountain biking has been possible with the primary school age group for the very first time. The bikes have even been ridden by P7 pupils (with help from EnQuest volunteers) at Laggan Wolftrax - Scotland's most technical and demanding mountain bike centre!

The testimony below from EnQuest Drilling Operations Manager Simon Richards highlights the benefits he considers it has brought to the city and his organisation:

"EnQuest has been delighted to be associated with Adventure Aberdeen and believe this connection has worked extremely well and to the benefit of all. Initially through providing time to support a schools mountain biking training programme, we have progressed to major funding of a mountain biking fleet for use at all schools in the Aberdeen area."

"It now looks likely that the programme will expand and further develop with the confirmation from a local Rotary Group that they wish to be involved - both financially and personally."

"Adventure Aberdeen have been the fundamental catalyst and driver of these benefits. Their enthusiasm and professionalism has driven a programme which has seen a substantial number of children benefitting as indicated above, and of course for EnQuest we can see our community pound being excellently utilised to deliver real and lasting benefits to a community where opportunity may otherwise be limited."

Simon Richards

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or partnership funding opportunities with Adventure Aberdeen please contact us to arrange a meeting.