Last updated: 07/03/2016


Let them run wild!

We believe strongly that early experience of the outdoor environment helps babies and toddlers develop into outgoing children who thrive on adventure and challenge. Aside from the obvious benefits of getting plenty of fresh air and vigorous exercise, we aim to encourage children to explore and be curious about what they find in woods, rockpools, beaches and parks.

  • Foraging for and collecting leaves, insects and shells;
  • Splashing in mud, digging and building shelters;
  • Lighting fires and cooking outdoors;
  • Water and rope play.
  • Creative

At this age we aim for the activities to be about playing and be child led - essentially it needs to be fun and exciting! Sessions tend to be less structured than those for older age groups, but can be led and inspired by story-telling and music. Weather is not an obstacle and we have high quality insulated and waterproof clothing and wellies that allow us to go out in wet and cold weather. This is usually the time when children love to play most in the puddles and snow! Getting outdoors in all seasons allows children to build their mental and physical resilience and strength - we build them tough in Scotland...

We can cater for early-years groups on site with a brand new outdoor learning adventure park area at our Kingswells base. This has:

  • Low ropes challenge course
  • Pond dipping and wetland habitat areas
  • Outdoor seating/break out areas
  • Creative Arts modules
  • Fire-pits
  • Mini beasts habitats(Insects etc)
  • Multi sensory tunnels,
  • large digging tubs for earth, pebbles and sand
  • Giant water bowser for guttering and messy play,
  • Shelter-building zones!
  • Treasure hunt courses
  • Picnic benches, Toilets, indoor classrooms, changing, showers and lockers are all on location.

This space is designed to be an inspiration for teachers, parents and children and we try to show how you can do a lot with very little. The emphasis is on recycled equipment and inexpensive resources. Please come and visit and share your ideas. Many of our staff have children of this age, or past experience of inspiring their own, or other children to share their love of the outdoors. We try to pass on the tips and tricks we've learnt the hard way so you can get outside with your children more easily. We also visit schools in an advisory role to develop early-years outdoor play and we're always available on the phone or via email if parents, independent groups or schools need advice, or wish to borrow our equipment. We hope to see you out there - and remember you're never too young (or old) to play outside.