Last updated: 07/03/2016

Whitewater Rafting

The ultimate adrenaline fuelled activity and natures great white knuckle ride.  Experience the thrill of the rushing white water in the River Dee or Spey.

White water rafting is an excellent team activity. It focuses on co-operative team effort and is a very effective way of developing a sense of team and camaraderie within a group.  It is very well known to be a fun, safe activity that takes place in dramatic and beautiful surroundings. A raft normally carries a team of up to six people but some rafts can carry more. White water rafting is an activity for anybody. No prior training or experience is needed, just a spirit of adventure!

In the North-East of Scotland the rivers Dee, Spey and Don all offer white water sections of river suitable for rafting.  Rafting is not always on white water, float trips on gentle calm water are an excellent and relaxing way of exploring rivers and viewing wildlife.