Last updated: 07/03/2016


Experience the sea! This activity is similar to gorge-walking but on Aberdeen's striking coastline. Participants negotiate a route by scrambling over rocks, swimming in the sea and jumping into deep water.

Coasteering is an adrenaline pumping, exceptional and unique activity. It is comparable to gorge-walking requiring participants to move over rough ground and swim in deep water. It can at times be a full immersion activity that requires participants to have a keen sense of adventure and high levels of determination. Being in the sea is a serious undertaking, which brings an imperative to look after each other and depend on your fellow team members.

There are coasteering sites near Cove and Portlethen. The sea is at its coldest in the spring and early summer, gradually warming up in late summer, peaking in late August. This activity is therefore extremely weather dependent especially in terms of wind strength and direction.