Last updated: 07/03/2016


If rock climbing, or gorge walking is too adventurous for you, but you still want to feel that sense of challenge and achievement by moving over rocks and near water then scrambling is a great alternative and training for future challenges. The Aberdeen sea cliffs offer excellent coastal scrambling on rocky shores and cliffs. 

Scrambling involves moving together as a team to explore rugged cliff areas. It does not usually involve the use of ropes but protective clothing, strong boots and helmets are worn. Scrambling is a popular activity for groups that want to be on the move together. Looking after one another and depending upon each other is the key skill that is developed. As the activity involves constant movement it is ideal for keeping warm on those cold days!  For the most part, the activity involves walking over grassy and rocky sections of a cliff. It is an exciting and educational experience which offers the chance to look closely at the rocks plants and creatures along the way. It can involve climbing over, through, around and under rock obstacles, squeezes and boulders.

The Aberdeen sea cliffs offer many sites for rock scrambling activities. The main sites used by Adventure Aberdeen are the complex and stunning areas of sea cliff at Souterhead and Cove.