Last updated: 07/03/2016

Rock Climbing

Aberdeen's rugged sea cliffs offer a range of perfect local sites for rock climbing from novice to expert. If you are a looking for the ultimate mental and physical challenge then rock climbing is for you.

Rock climbing is a superb activity for both the individual and the group. It incorporates learning the practical skills necessary to build strong rope systems to keep participants safe and protected. Participants can either climb upwards learning to move carefully and smoothly, or descend cliffs by abseiling down fixed ropes. The apparent dangers of rock climbing help set the scene, whilst allowing for unlimited acts of determination, achievement, challenge and success. It pulls upon, and develops, confidence, self-reliance, trust, patience and for some the ability to overcome their fear of heights!

As well as Aberdeen's spectacular and accessible sea cliffs, Deeside has some superb granite crags and rock outcrops that are ideal for novice, intermediate and expert climbers. Indoor venues are also available and we can provide instruction and equipment for groups wishing to use Aberdeen's premier climbing wall,