Last updated: 07/03/2016


Expeditions including camping can be organised for hill-walking, mountain biking or canoeing. These expeditions increase knowledge of: access rights and responsibilities, awareness of wildlife and plants, the correct use of navigation equipment, and campcraft.

Organised expeditions will involve training in the basic skills of camping such as being prepared and making decisions as to what equipment and provisions you require. The benefits of such expeditions are highly recognisable, with team members gaining extremely valuable transferable skills from teamwork to cooking and fire-lighting.

The North-East of Scotland offers a vast range of expedition sites from organised municipal campsites, through to remote hills and glens. Campsites in Deeside and Donside can be found near most towns and villages. 

Individual camping needs to be arranged with landowners, but remote wild campsites are plentiful within short distances of many local roads.